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Heavy metal exposure is on the rise. Common sources include cigarettes, seafood, rice, well water & dental fillings.
These toxic elements can significantly increase our risk of developing conditions like dementia, infertility, diabetes and cancer. They are also known to cause damage to the liver, kidneys and brain, as well as the cardiovascular, nervous and endocrine systems.

Essential elements are abundant, too, and only healthy when they are within optimal ranges. Nutrients like copper, iodine, magnesium, selenium and zinc are critical for enzymes that synthesize neurotransmitters and activate hormones. Bromine and lithium, while not currently classified as “essential” elements, have been shown to play a positive role in health but are also potentially toxic at excessive levels.

Why Test Heavy Metals & Essential Elements?

Getting too much, and sometimes too little, of various elements has consequences for our overall health.

Who should consider heavy metals and essential elements testing? Anyone who:

  • Smokes
  • Has exposure to private well water or aging pipes
  • Is concerned about heavy metals in foods like vegetables, rice and seafood
  • Has mercury dental work
  • Lives in an older home or near an industrial area
  • Has thyroid-related health issues
  • Has or has had exposure to MRI contrast agents

Resource: ZRT Lab Test Specialties

Living with Toxic Metals

Presenter: Louise Tolzmann, ND

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We all are being exposed to toxic metals like arsenic, cadmium, and lead in our surrounding environment, so it’s important to know the ways we can limit our exposure, and also what we can do if we’ve already been highly exposed.

This educational webinar will answer:

  • How and in what ways we are being exposed to toxic metals in our daily lives
  • Why some people, children in particular, will accumulate toxic metals more than others
  • What an elevated test result really means & what to do about it
  • What we as individuals can do to limit exposure and rid our bodies of accumulated toxins

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