Dr Cedric Loud’s mission is to provide you with personalized, high-quality surgical care. He works with a team dedicated to improving and maintaining your oral health. He deeply understands that your oral health is a barometer of your overall health.
With state-of-the-art technology and techniques he helps restore and maintain radiant smiles in the context of whole-body health. He offers a broad array of services including metal free dental implants ,natural bone grafting materials, ozone and laser assisted therapies, wisdom teeth extractions with PRP/PRF therapies.

Holistic Oral Surgery

If a tooth is to be removed for any reason, including wisdom teeth, we recommend certain steps to optimize post operative healing and bone/tissue regeneration. Dr. Cedric Loud follows a specific protocol for safe extractions and complete removal of the PDL ( periodontal ligament). Failing root canal teeth need to be extracted safely and completely to avoid potential cavitation formation.

Metal Free Dental Implants

Ceramic and metal free dental implants offer you reliability: High biocompatibility and corrosion resistance ensure that the zirconium dioxide ceramic used remains stable over the long term. Furthermore, ceramic implants are not affected by contact with oral bacteria or other dental materials. They also have a lower affinity with plaque – harmful plaque finds less surface adhesion than with titanium implants. This significantly reduces the risk of inflammation around the implant.

PRP and Ozone Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma literally stimulates new cell growth in the patient’s body wherever it is injected. It helps the body heal itself the natural way without using chemicals or foreign substances of any kind. PRP is used to accelerate the healing of metal free dental implants. Following wisdom teeth surgery, PRP can be placed in the extraction sites to help prevent cavitation formation.

A holistic oral surgeon uses ozone, a colorless gas made up of three oxygen atoms. In medicine, ozone therapy is used to disinfect and treat conditions by disinfecting the area around them, improving the body’s intake and use of oxygen, and activating the immune system.

What is a biological extraction?

Biological vs “regular” Extractions

A traditional approach to dental extractions would be to just make sure all of the tooth was removed from the socket. Sometimes even this doesn’t happen correctly and parts of teeth are left in the bone. A BIOLOGICAL extraction includes removing the entire tooth as well as the Periodontal Ligament which holds the tooth in place.

Biological Extraction Protocol

1. Extraction of the tooth
Dr.Cedric Loud uses a local or general anesthesia when removing the tooth.

2. Removal of the Periodontal Ligament
The periodontal ligament (PDL) is a network of fibrous tissue that aids in stabilizing the tooth in the alveolar bone. This fibrous tissue as well as any other granulation tissue or abscess needs to be thoroughly removed during the extraction process. Failure to remove the tissue can allow for small areas of infection to remain in the bone. Areas of infection and dead bone can result in cavitations or recurrent infection. The PDL is removed by using a large round bur under slow controlled speed and ozonated water to keep the bone cool, followed by application of laser to disinfect the bone 1000 microns deep using a Waterlase.

3.Ozone Therapy
Ozone is a remarkable adjunctive therapy Dr.Cedric Loud uses to detoxify, sterilize and infuse the tissues with oxygen. Ozone is used to create sterile ozone water to irrigate when using the drill. Ozonated water is also used to irrigate extraction sockets before bone grafting. This process forces the oxygen rich water into the bone, both detoxifying the bone and encouraging blood vessel formation. Ozone gas is also injected into the surrounding tissues, as well as the extraction site prior to completion of the surgery.

4.Platelet Rich Fibrin and Bone Marrow
Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) and bone marrow are the patients’s own biologically active cells to accelerate the healing process. PRF is obtained by a simple blood draw from the arm or hand. The blood is then spun in a centrifuge creating a sticky gel-like substance containing millions of platelets. These platelets are necessary for clot formation and send hormones to the bone and surrounding soft tissue to recruit cells for healing. Bone Marrow is obtained using a small needle, no larger than a tooth pick, and inserting it into the bone behind the last maxillary molar teeth. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia and is completely painless. The bone marrow contains immature bone cells that will be used to aid in the regeneration of the alveolar bone.

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Do you have questions about our approach to more complete and holistic dental care? Our patient coordinator is standing by, happy to answer any questions you have to determine if we are right for you.

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