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I was referred to Dr. Loud by my functional medical doctor, Dr. Jennifer Sosnowski and I had been working on getting all of my bloodwork and health markers optimized. But I was maintaing a low grade infection that persisted. She recommended that I go see Dr. Loud, which I did. A delightful experience with a lot of attention and time taken to examine and evaluate my dental condition, which was not great. I had not been to see a dentist for several years since my old dentist got old and retired. She prescribed some dental products to improve the condition of my mouth which I started on that evening. The next day I underwent a cleaning by Jenny and got everything polished up and took the DNA test for dental pathogens. It has now been thirteen weeks since my first appointment and when I went back, the changes were tremendous. My bleeding went to 0% and my DNA has improved 64%. Both impressive, but the best news for me was the joint pain which I had been taking CBD and Tramadol for has completely disappeared. This is awesome, I am 75 years old and do CrossFit 3 days a week, so the no joint pain is a big deal for me. Thank you Whole Health Dentistry, Dr. Loud and Dr. Sosnowski!!
Richard S.
I am so happy with Whole Health Dentistry! The whole staff is friendly and makes me feel at home when I walk in the door. Recently I had some involved dental work replacing some crowns that were long overdue. I had been putting off the procedure due to my own anxiety around having it done. Dr. Loud and everyone at the office did such an amazing job of EVERYTHING. My teeth look and feel better than they ever have before. The office staff worked with me through the whole process helping me to find a way financially to make it all happen. Thanks again to the great team at Whole Health Dentistry!
Lucas H.
Dr. Loud and all of the staff here at Whole Life are outstanding. I find them highly skilled and compassionate as well as knowledgeable. The office is conveniently located, and is well appointed. They are not cheap, but they are worth it. I have had several procedures done here, with no problems. I would strongly recommend this practice, especially if you have had negative experiences with dentists.
Penelope P.
Dr Loud is wonderful and has a staff as great as her. I get anxious when going to dentist and they take the time to make sure I am comfortable and ok during whatever procedure is needed. They also take the extra step to look at every thing with your health to assist with prevention of further problems. Highly recommend this office!
Katrina E.
After moving to Phoenix last October I needed to find a new dentist. I was recommended to Whole Health Dentistry by a friend. The new patient exam by Dr. Loud was by far the most thorough and informative that I have ever had! I truly felt like she cared about my overall health and well-being, not just my teeth. Jenny is an amazing hygienist! She was so gentle and made me feel completely at ease and explained everything she was doing. After seeing the photos they had taken, Dr. Loud explained to me that over time my teeth have shifted and if not corrected I could end up with some serious issues down the road. At the age of 59 I thought I was too old to have braces so I decided to go the Invisalign route. I have been so happy with the Invisalign process and am actually starting to love my smile again. I would highly recommend Dr. Loud and her fantastic team!
Cheryl F.
All I can say is WOW!!!! My experience with the staff at Whole Health Dentistry has been nothing less than wonderful. I am embarrassed to admit this, but I had not been to a dentist in many, many years due to a traumatic prior experience. So with that in mind the day finally came when I was in enough pain that I was in dire need of a dentist. I took my time and researched many reviews (thank you Yelp) and found Whole Health Dentistry - Dr. Loud. I called and spoke with Anne who was very kind and took about 15 minutes to personally chat with me and make me feel at ease. Being that I was in so much pain, she was able to get me in for an emergency exam the same day!
Candice S.
I had my first "major" dental procedure in decades, and my first in Dr. Loud's office (I'm new to the area). Office: Comfortable lighting, decor, and set-up. One feels at ease immediately. Staff: All considerate, all talented, and all geared toward the comfort of the patient. Dr. Loud: Gifted, articulate, and genuinely interested in her patients' health. She is personable and is a true listener. I'd give her 6 stars if I could. She realized I was anxious about the procedure and she kindly offered me treatment options so I was part of the planning. We started on time, and finished on time; I left with a smile, only slightly impacted by a numb lip. As far as the procedure, I had a crown done with zero pain (not even with the injections). This was as good an experience as one could hope for in a dental office.
Jeff S.

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