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 Integrative Approach

In our functional medicine based dentistry practice, we combine the principles and practices of functional medicine, with the practice and art and science of dentistry. In functional dentistry, we do not just treat decay, bad breath, misaligned teeth or gum disease. We know these are merely outward symptoms of bigger problems, and we look to address those as well.

The goal of a functional dentist is to look beyond the mouth. We shift the traditional disease center focus of a dental practice to a patient centered approach.

Dedicated Attention

We spend more time with our patients. During this time we truly listen to their health concerns and look at the interactions between their genetics and what’s happening with their health now. We also examine the physiological, environment, and lifestyle factors that influence long term dental health and complex chronic disease.

This allows us to address problems close to the root cause beyond just “fixing teeth”. We're not merely treating symptoms and managing disease, we are empowering patients to prevent longterm health issues.

Personalized Care

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to treating the root causes of people's dental issues making standard of American dentistry outdated.

In fact when it comes to dental health,  everybody has a very unique oral microbiome. Oftentimes it can be very unbalanced, especially for people who eat a standard American diet low in nutrients and high in inflammatory foods. Many other factors directly impact the health of your oral microbiome from regularly taking medications to poor oral hygiene, poor sleep habits, and more.

Root Cause Resolution

When people are usually dealing with periodontal disease or some other issue their dentist often prescribes some form of antibiotic topical medication or tells them to brush and floss more.

While we are adept at providing the needed dental care, we don't rely on “surface treatments” that don’t begin to address the real issues. Instead we work with patients to get to the true root cause of their  periodontal disease or whatever they are experiences.

Co-Creating Health

People do their best to take care of their dental health, brushing, flossing and going for regular cleanings. But often they may have some more serious health concerns that are under the radar that we can detect and treat.  

We help our patients co-create their health first by identifying any blindspots to their dental and overall health so that they can be addressed.
We identify major areas that impact the health of your mouth including toxins and nutritional deficiencies so we can guide you to heal and feel your best.

Innovative Treatments

Many people have harmful bacteria in their mouth and don’t necessarily have to have bad breath to have these bacterial colonies take up residence. We have ways of testing the saliva to determine if there is harmful bacterial overgrowth that we can treat.

We use this information as an early detector that not only tells us issues that may be happening in the gut or even with heart health but can also help us to personalize dental treatment and other therapies.

About Dr. Eniko Loud

Dr. Loud has had extensive training in all forms of dentistry as well as in functional medicine.

Dr. Loud believes that providing excellent dental care is so much more than just treating the mouth, it requires treating the whole person. She acknowledges that a one-size-fits-all dentistry is outdated and uses her training in functional medicine to identify disease patterns that caused oral health issues in the first place. 


She is considered as a “physician of the mouth” – getting to the root cause of dental hygiene issues, unique to each patient, that require disease resolution. Rather than just filling cavities, she examines the lifestyle factors, genetic, and biochemical imbalances that create disease in the mouth and guides patients to heal the underlying root cause. Her goal is to guide patients on their wellness journey toward optimal dental health.


In Our Patients Own Words

  • “The best dental practice, doctor and team I have ever been to. They do not just clean your teeth, they care about your overall health. I initially had issues with a pain in my face I complained about for a couple years with another dentist who went here and right away Dr Loud said I had an infection from my root canals. She sent me to the best doctor to do a reverse root canal. Sounds scary but it was the best thing as no more pain! It’s been fine since. I also had braces as a kid and they moved over the years so I had Invisalign as well with Dr Loud. Love my straight teeth! If you just moved here or are looking for a new dentist you will be so glad you called Whole Health Dentistry! ”

    Sharon Petersen
    Happy Patient
  • Excellent staff, office enviroment, and the incredible Dr. Loud. She's a true professional, and sets a new standard for dentistry. She's abreast of latest techniques and technology, and brings the functional medicine perspective that other dentists can't. As the owner of a medical practice. I refer our clients with dental needs to Dr. Loud. I trust her with my oral health, that of my kids and I highly recommend her.

    Larry Riddle
    Happy Patient
  • Dr. Loud is amazing! Always has the newest approach and most up to date research ans science to get you the best possible results. The whole office is kind and a very positive enviroment. Very gentle and considerate if there is anxiety about the work being done. Highly recomend to everyone!

    Sarah Richetto

    Happy Patient

Take The First Step Towards

Optimal Dental Care

Do you have questions about our approach to more complete and holistic dental care? Our patient coordinator is standing by, happy to answer any questions you have to determine if we are right for you.

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