Dental Ozone Therapy For Patients

The Invisalign Difference

Ozone, a naturally occurring substance, is essentially super oxygen with high reactivity. In medical ozone therapy, we generate ozone using a specialized treatment device. At our office, we employ the Longevity Ozone Generator unit, known for producing the purest ozone without contaminants. Interestingly, this very unit is also utilized by NASA and MIT!

What are the advantages of Ozone treatment for you?

Ozone is powerfully effective as it penetrates even in the finest grooves, gum pockets, and root canals while completely eliminating bacteria, viruses, and fungi upon contact. There are no known allergic reactions to ozone. As a matter of fact, our immune cells produce ozone together with hydrogen peroxide as part of their immune defense strategy. Therefore we can conclude that at the proper concentration, Ozone can positively support the healing process and can fight fungi, bacteria, and viruses.

The versatility & effectiveness of Dental Ozone therapy Implants

Local ozone therapy has been proven to be very effective when used during the insertion of implants. The reliable elimination of germs of all kinds has a positive effect on the subsequent healing process.


Local ozone application in case of an external cavity can arrest the growth of the cavity, occasionally eliminating the need for drilling. Even if drilling is necessary, ozone can be applied at the base of the cavity to disinfect the cut dentin because it penetrates into the dentinal tubules.

Gum disease

In the case of bleeding gums and gum pockets, a small probe can be used to deliver ozone into the depth of the pocket where it can destroy contact with harmful bacteria, which if left untreated can quickly destroy the underlying bone.

Sensitive teeth

Dental ozone therapy is also successfully used against pain due to teeth hypersensitivity to sweets, sour, hot, and cold.

Removable dentures

Local ozone therapy provides immediate relief from pressure sores, and fungal infections caused by dentures.

Herpes lesions & mouth sores

Local application to the affected areas can relieve discomfort immediately and it contributes significantly to the rapid abatement of ulcers, fungal diseases, herpes lesions.

Further applications in dentistry

Incorporating ozone treatment into various therapeutic approaches offers promising results. For dental therapy, utilizing ozone treatment can significantly enhance oral health, addressing concerns such as dental infections and promoting faster wound healing after surgeries.

Additionally, employing nasal insufflation with ozone proves beneficial for sinus infections, helping to alleviate discomfort and encourage healing. Moreover, before and after surgical procedures, ozone treatment showcases its efficacy in wound management, supporting the body's natural healing processes and contributing to improved overall outcomes.

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