What can you expect from SDS Swiss Dental Solutions implants?

The SDS implants are created by Dr. Karl Ulrich Woltz from Switzerland and they are the result of 20 years of combined experience and expertise. These implants are FDA-approved and surpass all quality standards for dental implants

What are the benefits of ceramic implants?

  • Excellent biocompatibility
  • Shorter treatment time - often implants can be placed immediately after the removal of teeth within one session, saving you months of time.
  • Stability and esthetics - the light color of SDS ceramic implants eliminates unwanted gray margins at the gum line or metal gleaming through as with titanium implants.
  • Durability - these implants are designed to last a lifetime, they will never experience cavities, and are an inflammation-free long-term solution.
  • Comprehensively metal free- the use of metals in the oral cavity can have a negative effect on the entire body, especially if there are multiple different types of metals present because they have the potential to create a battery effect.
  • Little to no pain post-surgical implant placement due to the unique medical support protocols we follow to support and boost the body's healing processes.

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